SE7EN services

We do not offer just properties. The product that we sell includes the performances as well as the services related to the property.

Our product is reinvented every day in interaction with you. That is what we have to live up to. A smooth sale / purchase of an apartment requires a professional preparation. The right market price, completeness of all relevant decision-making factors, professional promotion, the right buyer and professional handling are the basic requirements. Often, pitfalls do not reveal themselves until you think you have already sold / bought the property. Choosing the right partner is essential here.


Our range of services includes:

Purchasers and salespeople

Our product is not the property, but all the services relating to the property.
We advise and accompany you from the initial contact to the purchase contract and beyond.

Property developer

We support developers as well as their buyers from the initial conception through to the after sales service.
We are by your side before the start of the project with corresponding market assessments.


For institutional investors, foundations and investors interested in an asset deal or a share deal, we offer continuous advice and support as well as brokerage of property and property packages in the Alpine area.